deck in boudler, co after sealwize application


Deck Restoration with Earth Friendly Water Repellent Deck Sealants
Proper surface preparation is the critical first step in the restoration process. Our trained, professional staff will professionally prepare your exterior wood surfaces before applying Sealwize™ sealants.

Deck Restoration Process
Our trained professionals begin by properly preparing the surface – which in many areas includes sanding to bare wood so that your wood looks almost new.

Water Repellent Wood Deck Sealants
Next, we carefully pressure wash the wood to clean the surface and remove sawdust particles so the new sealants will adhere to the wood and not the sawdust. Then we carefully apply one of our state-of-the-art wood sealants to provide true water repellency and thus protect the investment you have in your deck!

Finished Wood Deck Sealing
Finally, our job is done when your old deck looks like new!

Click HERE to see before and after images.

sealwize examples of different wood types
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