Why Use Sealwize

Planet safe “Green” Technology to keep your exterior wood dry, healthy and beautiful!!!
Boulder Sealwize is a licensed distributor and applicator for the Sealwize line of products that are not available anywhere else!
We can seal wood decks, fences, patio furniture, playgrounds, driveways and concrete from water for over 30 years of protection.
ZEROVOC is a no VOC, water-based siliconate hybrid protective water sealer. It is formulated to deeply penetrate and chemically react on a molecular level. This chemical reactions forms a hard, tight, insoluble, microscopic crystalline structure within the material being treated. Once the protective water sealer is fully dried the water resistance of the material is permanent.
ZEROVOC is a one of a kind protective water sealer that is the result of years of research based upon advanced reactive siliconate technology. ZEROVOC is designed for any application where long term durability and extreme water protection are desired.
Hiring the right contractor can make all the difference in a building project. Our site will guide you through several commercial and residential projects we have done, as well as the services we offer, current promotions, and important company information.
Boulder Sealwize is a licensed and insured service provider. We are happy to provide references and examples of our work. Contact us now for a FREE estimate!